Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Squid

"My squid days are over,"
I said to my friend
Who swam in the ocean
From noon time till ten.

"I travel through ocean
In search of some food
The shrimp are quite tasty
And herring are too.

I think there is more
Than this domicile wet.
There's times that I've wanted
To be vertebrate."

My friend, she just floated
Like most molluscs do.
She gobbled some cod
And swallowed and chewed.

"I'd rather be whale
Who's awesome and big.
Not bulbous and flimsy
I need a new gig!

"Or maybe a dolphin
Who's graceful and gray
Who giggles in ocean
And loves to go play.

"A crab would be neat-o
There's lobster or shark
Or maybe a dogfish.
I'd learn how to bark."

Then voice from my buddy
Who's meal had digested
"So why not be squid
After all you've invested?"

I scoffed for a moment
Then floated around
I wondered why squidding
Was life unprofound.

I swim as I please
I eat when I'm hungry
No cartilaged knees
No ACL quand'ry.

I've friends in the ocean
There's water to drink
I could become writer.
I've plenty of ink.

How many sea swimmers
Enjoy jet propulsion?
My skin is so smooth
I don't need no lotion.

I smiled for a moment
For squids often grin
I gurgled some laughter
I said to my friend:

"You're wise my dear lady
You've opened my eye.
Let's go grab some dinner
There's shrimpies nearby."

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