Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Viewed Gnu in that Blue Pinto

(to the Beatles' "She Came in Through the Bathroom Window")

Tattooed gnu in that blue Pinto
Rejected cramped and style-less room
Ka-pow, he bucked and broke the window
And he ran off to find bamboo

Couldn’t anybody tell him
“It’s a bit of folly, g.
Bamboo’s not in fields here, hombre
No chews in the fields near ye.”

He said “I used to know a Prancer.
He flew with bearded Claus for pay.”
And this gnu, our language mastered
For he talked but he would not bray.

And so I called the zoo department
“I need some help with bovidae*.”
And lady said “Does he know Prancer?
If he does, Prancer here says hi.”

Did a jolly fellow tell her
Or a little elf had seen?
Maybe the gnu was sending
Message through telepathy.
Oh yeah.

 *pronounced BOH-ve-DIE

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