Friday, May 11, 2012

Dairy Queen

(To the Stone Temple Pilots' "Vasoline")

Late night a pang occurred in me
Want grease and dine for spell
Chunky bits of food then trip back home.

So what to do
After three
Where’s some food I can eat?
Blurry eyes
Out they leap
Bright lights from the Dairy Queen

Pulled in and there in front of me
Big cow and she mooed “Hail!
Come close and kneel before the throne.

Come meet the Dairy Queen, our czar.
You’ll find she’s quite refined.
Will this be takeout or inside?”

So what to do?
Should I feed?
Should I get side of beef?
I declined
“Chicken, please.
Maybe drink, my Dairy Queen.”

She saw my look
And gauged my eyes
“You want some fries
With your meal?”

Her royal moo,
Softened me
Made my drink lactose free.
Then I smiled
I’ll repeat
My trip to the Dairy Queen.

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