Thursday, April 19, 2012

He Played the Cowbell (The Gene Frenkle Story)

(to Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear the Reaper")

Oh when I was young
All those bells I rung

Strongly I struck the cowbell
All to the beat, the thrill of the clang
(want to be bright, big star)
Lights on Frenkle
(“Let’s hear the cowbell!”)
Cheers, adored by fans
(“Let’s hear the cowbell!”)
I’d be rocking all night
(“Let’s hear the cowbell!”)
Frenkle, cowbell man…

Poor, back then, but fun
Bell was my best chum

Then I met the Oyster Cult
Sang together in fraternity
(When I met the Oyster Cult)
Very rarely played and hoped for merry day
(Want to play with Oyster Cult)
Very rarely played and prayed for any day
(Longed to find cow bell bliss)
A wonder, hook infested tuneage came our way
(Bless-ed thing, I’m cow czar)
My name’s Frenkle
(They heard the cowbell)
Frenkle man can jam
(They thrilled to cowbell)
Beating, banging to time
(I ruled the cowbell)
Frenkle, I’m your man.

Fate one night did come
Course of fame had run

In a field out in Kansas
And after cheers, we heard a new song
Heard a roar of heifers and a herd appeared
A cattle call of horny steers
The moment came to end career
(final night I had played)
Bovine payday
(for they came to hear)
Threatened life and limb
(then I started to fly)
No look backwards and no goodbyes…
(I had enough, goodbye star)
That was end of the band
(it was a ride, my fable)
Lights out, Frenkle
(goodbye to cowbell)

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