Friday, July 8, 2011


(to Tears for Fears "Shout")

Stout, stout
Is there no doubt?
Darkest of drinks I can’t live without
For fun
The heavier brew
Want one

Stout, stout
Don’t make me shout
Bring unto me, I feel parched without
Bring Guiness to me
Come on

This hearty pal
Tis potion that has quelled my soul
A black and tan
They’re really filling, makes me slow

This opaque find
A draught I drink, a flowing joy
Drink slow this stein
Or else you’ll greet the floor, dear boy
It’s best to drink the

Stout, stout
Have I lost count?
Serving of bread served from pouring spout
I’m drawn
This darkest of brews
I’m fond

Don’t serve it iced
That temp’rature will make me yell
For cool is nice
For warmer makes a fine detail
Not frozen like a pale or ale

Stout, stout
Oatmeal is out
Irish I drink, tis the one I tout
So yum
It’s heavy like you
Want one

Stout, stout
Serve it with kraut
Slice me some cheese, just a small amount
Come on
The sharper will do
Munch on

And when I’m drinkin’, darts will soar
My throws are so dee-vine,
I rarely hit the wall or board
So cover all the parts adored

Stout, stout
Heavenly fount
Cure for the blues, it'll help your gout
Enjoy one with me
Come on

Stout, stout
Don’t be no lout
Bring one to me or I’ll punch your snout
Come on
I’m slurring at you
Crum on

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