Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Damning Video Released About NPR: “I like neapolitan ice cream.”

(from K. Letterman News Agency)

Project Veritas has released a new videotape showing an NPR reporter admitting he liked Neapolitan ice cream. The reporter, Don Douglas, is shown sitting in an audio booth with another man identified only as “The Truth.”

“I have to admit it,” Douglas is heard saying. “I like Neapolitan ice cream. Not many people do. I’m not conservative when it comes to ice cream. I like a rainbow of flavors.”

NPR had no comment.

In a statement released by James O’Keefe, head of Project Veritas, “Why do we continue funding this? Because the liberals in Washington want to enforce their standards on our great nation, including their twisted values. Values that are clearly not in line with the prevailing climate of hostility toward fair and balanced news agencies.”

The video clearly shows Douglas eating the ice cream.

“Our tax dollars are feeding the left slant,” said O’Keefe. “Here we have someone with connections to the Mafia in Italy who has ties to the Rainbow Coalition. And his views are certainly not conservative. It leaves me cold.”

Neapolitan is defined as something that relates to Naples, Italy.

Members of Congress shared their outrage over the recent video.

“It’s obvious that the climate at NPR is one that is cold and creamy,” said Ohio representative, Charles Boomacher. “I vote we shut them down immediately.”

This morning, protesters outside NPR headquarters were carrying signs that read “What’s wrong with vanilla, you commie jerk?” and “I’m the public, and I don’t like ice cream.”

According to inside sources, NPR is looking into better ways to represent all flavors of ice cream, and in one report, NPR is looking into making all their reporters take a vanilla ice cream sensitivity class.

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