Friday, March 4, 2011


(to Dionne Warwick's "Alfie")

What's it all about Charlie?
Are the neurons on crutches in head?

Logic isn’t sound
Words you ramble out, Charlie
Is your mind fogged, do you need some meds?
Have not the millions been kind?

And if this moment’s sheen is lost, Charlie
You’ll ingest more narcotics for fuel
And deny the throngs the talent, tis wrong Charlie
What line defense, is the white powder true?

Is world your make believe, no reality love
Charlie, I hope you’re seeking much more
Seeking reason, you’re sans reason, off a deep end

It’s a hole you’ve dug, Charlie
You doubt, you shrug, you’re in a mist, Charlie
The keel is sinking, ship’ll list
Don’t go there, Charlie

When you talk
Film records what you say
Hope you find help, better way
Oh Charlie
What’s it all about, Charlie?

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