Sunday, February 27, 2011

Suck It Up

(to Elvis Costello's "Pump It Up")

We like our point of views
Airing on nightly news
Hearing all the facts that
Keeping views all intact
You can’t stand crap
Other parties’ bitter whacks
Custom news you always use
To make a brain fat

Suck it up
When your head demands feedin’
Suck it up
Confirmin’, you’re needin’

Found you a loving mentor
He vents and you relate
Harken to an old agenda
You digest the vocal manna
Less thinking you demand
Think he offers evenhand

Suck it up
His drone is incessant
Suck it up
He imparts vital lesson

Seems we’re in mad world
Man folly typical
Knowledge microscopic
Views often myopic
She is a something-ist
He is a something-ist
Choice of news, a slant that fits
Filled with facts you find legit

Suck it up
A chart is now showin’
Suck it up
What you’re already knowin’

We’re in a TV show
Sponsored with market spin
Script filled with righteous shout
Served with a righteous grin
One sided transmission
Dissonant cognition
Hear your sponsor growl and reinforce the sin

Suck it up
Your cause did affect it
Suck it up
And your views will expect it

And your views will expect it
And your views will expect it…

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