Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cookies for Breakfast

"I want cookies for breakfast
And coffee in cup,"
I said to my body
As body woke up.

I'll skip past the sausage
Though tasty indeed
The links are so sav'ry
When sav'ry I need

No eggs from the skillet
All smothered with cheese
Or toast with some honey
From sweet little bees

There's bagels I've buttered
And some I like plain
I get from grocer
He knows me by name

I do like some pancakes
From griddle, all hot
They make me so sleepy
When I eat a lot

I want something crispy
Some sweetness and crunch
And if I'm still hungry
I'll grab more to munch

My week has been long one
Need Keebler's from elves
Or Pepp'ridge Farm goodies
I've seen on my shelves.

I'm older and hungry
I'm due for a perk
Let's skip past the first course
And straight to dessert.

So if you'll excuse me
I'm spying a box
I think it is calling
By God, they do talk

It tells me, "Dear Warren
There's joy here inside.
Just skip old traditions
And don't be denied."

I've mug with my coffee
And napkin for crumbs
This morning, it's cookies
This afternoon, Tums.

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