Saturday, January 8, 2011

Drinking Stella Artois with Some Ham

(to Winter Wonderland)

Beer to drink
Bubbles glistening
Here’s a toast
If you’re listening

The brew’s a delight
With sandwich tonight
Drinking Stella Artois with some ham

Christmas day
We’ll be chillin’
In a way
Not too fillin’

We’ll sing the old songs
And sing ‘em all wrong
Drinking Stella Artois with some ham

Many feel that maybe I’m a Bud man
Silly friends, I’d rather eat the ground
Make me merry, I’m a Stella brew fan
They help me make a groovy burping sound

Golden glow
Takes me higher
Belly grows
Into tire

A price I will pay
But gosh, what the hey
Drinking Stella Artois with some ham

Pop a top and hear me make a toast friend
Let’s begin with “Merry Christmas” round
Toast until the beer has reached a dead end
Then ask the missus, “Have they more in town?”

When it flows
Beer is thrillin’
Till your nose
Loses feelin’

Our topic today
The Holiday sway
Drinking Stella Artois with some ham.

Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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