Friday, December 3, 2010

Our Team's Got No Game

(to U2's Where the Streets Have No Names)

We never run
We often hide
We rarely care ‘bout the scores
Opponents provide
We’d rather drink stout
And not be maimed
‘Cos our team’s got no game

We take the field
Smear lotion on face
We find the best spot, commandeer
Then lay on chaise
We hate to catch passes
They may bring us pain
‘Cos our team’s got no game

Yes, our team’s got no shame
Yes, our team’s got no shame
We’re just chillin’
And feelin’ not tough
Sittin’ on duffs
And when we play there
We play songs on flutes
Don’t want to be brutes

A field filled with mud
Fashion boots are a must
When breezes are cold, we bring in
Bundled get ups
We’re poised for escapes
From opponents’ bane
Cos’ our team’s got not game

Yes, our team’s got no shame
Yes, our team’s got no shame
There’s some screaming
And fleeing from thugs
Maybe some drugs
And if we get scared
We’ve diapers for poo
Those dark stains are rude

Our team won’t be brusque
We’re beaten
And though we don’t win
No, we don’t win
No, and you’ll see no rough
See the rough brings disgust
Through no cheatin’,
Just lives to defend
Save our rear ends
So, when our team’s there
No gruffness ensues
No limbs we will lose.

Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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