Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gonna Rewrite

(to the Eagles' One of These Nights)

Gonna rewrite
Wrote a bit hasty last night
And then I found those missing commas
They spurred verbal gripes

The words they were rhymin’
The meter sufficed
But the rhythmic sins echoed with groans

Syntax agreements
All sounded tired
Now I’ve got to fix what I’ve blown


Something cool and slight skewed
Something keen that’s funny and light
Nothing trite or dyed blue
Now I’ve got to fine tune
Gonna rewrite

Gotta new scheme
Maybe effects of pork and beans
Or maybe Shoguns’
Ones that dance and sing

My thoughts lurching from one subject
From the right to the left
Brain is longing for a cell to add jest
I’ve been thinking ‘bout Obama or conservative blokes
But their appeal, I think, is polar at best

Grumpy mess of redo
Holy cow that noun isn’t right
Wanna write the right view
Page is blank from undo’s
Gonna rewrite

Gonna rewrite
Vent a spleen with joke unpolite
Wanting lines to shine through
Fear I got the wrong tune
Need restating
Gonna rewrite

Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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