Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Apple on the Fritz

(to Taco's Puttin' on the Ritz)

Phone you choose
And don’t you know
Signals fall through
You paid the dough,
There’s no transmit
Apple on the fritz

Trendy types
In Birkenstocks
Squeeze it tight
A call is lost,
But they look hip
Apple on the fritz.

Gadget grabbing guys and gals’ll show ya:
“Least they don’t have problems like Toyota.”
(got no mo-tah)

Jobs will nix
He’s such a player
Balks at fix
No soft-a-ware
Is in the mix
Apple on the fritz

“Here’s our case,” he says to you.
“Other phones will do it too.
Grab the broadcast in the air
Drop the callers anywhere.”

“Bad rap,” say Apple zealots
“Please wack, or use a mallet.”

Gizmo most devine
For-a some of the time

Apple blues
But stocks’ll rise
Top brand too cool
Eyes covet ‘I’s
Smooth market lips
Apple on the fritz

Trendy types
In Cupertino
A shiny show
They’re makin’ hits
Apple on the fritz

Dee-vice divas shouting out “I wanna!”
Longing for that trip to techno-vana.
(Palm o’ drama)

Adam knew
In garden old
A brand of fruit
The serpent sold
Just can’t resist
Apple on the fritz.

Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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