Wednesday, June 9, 2010


(to The Sweet's Ballroom Blitz)
Cam’ra ready?
Alright, citizens, let’s go!

Oh, my brain is thinking so hard
Understanding my geography
All those Russkies are in eye range
A million two has spurred the rogue in me

Oh, I seem a little off track
Little loose with a fact
Though handy am I with a gun

And to drill in the sea
‘Course it matters to me
Cause the beaches need some lubricant fun

Oh yeah!

I shoot all critters
I’m a government quitter
I’m a speaker most dandy
See I keep my notes handy

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

(Citizen’s Chorus)
Our girl has a knack
For looking good in slack
She’s a mamma who’s a Poliditzz
And not a supporter of
Katie the reporter
Who knew she was a Poliditzz

I’ll likely say the wrong thing
That word you heard, lovely shade of blue
If you’re stranded in a wheelchair
Come stand beside me, sitting there won’t do

In confines of a craft
A sneezing attack
It will give you the flu in the sky

And I look quite disordered
When I say to reporters
“She’s not dead? I guess the woman's alive!”

Oh yeah!

I’m so eclectic
A ‘not-so-there’ thick brick
And the stories I’m weaving
Show sense is now leaving

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

(Citizen’s Chorus)
Our boy likes to yak
Though lacking simple tact
He’s a VP who’s a Poliditzz
He's such a performer of
“Brain is out of order”
Our Joe, he is a Poliditzz.
Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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