Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All the kids, they look the same

(to Where Everybody Knows Your Name)

Your DNA has a lot to say
Containing all you’ve got
Like a buffet of different curries
Mild to mid to hot
What would you like to make today?

Late at night when the mood is right
A procreating tale
And you both finagle
Young one small and slightly frail
A cute Beyonce, don’t you know

Good Lord, there’s seven more!
And all the kids, they look the same
Will you remember all their names?
How can this be? You’d go for three.
The cryin’ you hear proclaims
“Now mom and dad, we hope you will recall our names.”

Takin’ a med, hear ‘em wake the dead
All morning, noon and night
And your DNA has shook up
What once had been your life
The network contracts all unfurl

And lad, your noggin’ starts to whirl
A cable show that entertains
Where the parents go insane
Why do a show for all the dough?
Exhibit your DNA?
Who wants to go where populace love buffets?

Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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