Tuesday, May 25, 2010

That Show On Tuesday- Tribute to Lost

(to Frank Sinatra's My Way)

And now,
The smoke has cleared
The mystic place,
Locale uncertain
It’s lost
Then reappears
At time they chase
Its inner workin’s

The sea
A moon that’s full
They walk the beach
And sometimes sideways
Now bored,
Oh how I’ll miss
That show on Tuesday.

To Jack,
I say adieu
The hands that mend
And fight infection
And to Locke
I’ll miss him too
He changed his mood
Through resurrection

For Jin
And Sun, of course
My eyes got wet
An Asian bouquet
My heart,
My heart will miss
That show on Tuesday.

Yes, I saw times
That Sawyer stewed
Could he have Kate
And Julie too?
The Hurley curls
(He's somewhat stout)
Heed Jacob's call
"Don’t let him out!”
The island squalls
An hour enthralls
That show on Tuesday.

And Claire were fried
Their minds and wills
Were not their choosing
And how
Whitmore had tried
His methods all
So confusing

And Ben
That little rat
He lost his way
Then took the high way
That show
Was good to me
Until last Sunday.

I understand.
No, not the plot
A plane had crashed
Yes, that I got.
The ending brings
A gray reveal
Just what occurred?
I sense surreal
Who cares, who knows?
I loved the show
Got Lost on Tuesdays.

Copyright 2010 Warren Baker
Lost Logo Copyright ABC

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