Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hope You Advertise On My Sign

(to Green Day's (Good Riddance) Time of Your Life)

I’m just an old billboard
On south bound 95
I’ve touted greasy spoons
And Pedro’s southbound rides
Now I’m a mess
Just a testament to time
A sad impression
Indigestion by design

So call me, I’m available
I won’t charge you for lights
I hope you advertise on my sign

Aunt Fanny’s Arts and Crafts
John Deere is just a mile
Drink Diet Mountain Dew
Breakfasts with a smile
I don’t have L-E-D’s
Its paper glued tiles
Just ask for Bert
He’ll make it all worthwhile

Results, my friend, are bankable
We’ll custom make a rhyme
Oh please just advertise on our sign

We won’t display unmentionables
But to imply’s just fine
Just call and advertise on our sign

No price is disagreeable
Just sign away your life
We hope you advertise on our sign.

Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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