Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lazy Like You

(to Madonna's Crazy for You)

Breeding mold in the pans and pots
You can see my carpet in spots
Couch and body melding into one

Half my house in need of repair
Careful if you climb up my stair
Termites chew on wood and it decays
You’ve inspired my ways, because

I’m lazy like you
Cleaned up once, back in ‘92
I’ve never understood that “Work means bliss”
I’m “no can do,”
No labor do I miss
I’m lazy like you,
Lazy like you.

Simplified controls in my house
I’m just fine with laptop and mouse
Ordering online, no need for malls

And that year my modem went down
Feet could not find clear paths on the ground
Had to phone a geek to fix my net
And I don’t think he left, you see

I’m lazy like you
Crunch n’ Munch and a can of brew
Refrigerator close enough to kiss
My bucket loo,
I rarely ever miss
I think you get my gist, because

I’m lazy like you
Don’t need much,
And in case I do,
I will remind myself to not dismiss
Your golden rule,
Your creed I can't resist
Be lazy like you.
Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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