Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Apple Butter

(to Desparado by The Eagles)
Apple butter
You’re wearing down my defenses
Stimulatin’ my senses
Can’t do without
Ohh you’re a sweet one
Your flavor’s always in season
Your taste is a pleasin’ fruit
That hails from the south.

Don’t you buy the store bought jelly, boy
You keep it off my table
You know the Smucker’s brand is always a bad bet
Can’t you see that all Mom’s canned things
Are doin’ fine without those labels
So bring me some to savor
On this baguette

Apple butter
Ohhh, it is my object of hunger
It makes me feel younger
It makes my mouth foam
On biscuits, or triscuits
I feel endorphins a flowin’
Narcotic starts goin’ through
This poor boy’s old bones

You can eat your sweets almost anytime
But do they rule, do they satisfy?
Your heart, it could just flatline any day
See we’re only in this life so long
So go find yourself a Southern mom

Apple butter
Why don’t you contact your missus?
Suggest some sweet kisses,
Make it a date
Go to the mountains,
And if you really do love her,
You better get some and discover
(get some and discover)
You better spread some apple butter
Dontcha wait too...oooo..late.
Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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