Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rocky and Friend, Bullwinkle

(to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)

There was Space Ghost, Bugs Bunny, Fat Albert, and Scooby

Saturday morning cartoons were so loony

And then there’s that moose,

Whose quips and quotes flew fast and loose

Rocky and friend, Bullwinkle
Never failed to entertain
One was a flying squirrel
Who would often save the day.
As for his friend, the moose guy
Trouble came so easily
When they were paired together,
They were perfect comedy.

And the others on the show,
Boris and his gal,
Always had an evil plan.
Never got the upper hand.

As an adult, I love them
They deflect all misery.
Rocky and friend, Bullwinkle
They made cartoon history

(musical interlude with assorted animated fireworks)

Sherman and that Peabody
Also brought a smile
Their machine that went way back
Made the past seem out of whack

They satirized old stories
Using fractured fairy tales
Rocky and friend, Bullwinkle
Clever humor rarely fails.

Copyright 2009 Warren Baker

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