Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Slant Six Memories

(to Stardust)
I see the bluish frame that once was mine
Rides I often cherish in my heart
Parked off to the side
Sitting, passing time
And soon I will be selling her for parts.

We glided down the lanes, our merry way
Singing merry songs inside my mind
Love is now the red rust of yesterday
My sadness and that life ride by

Sometimes I sense her in the wind
My windows down, speeding right along
It seems to me, there’s no guarantee,
Old wheels will once again roll true
When the smell was new
And each thrill, a destination
A ride through rain and snow
A sweet sensation
It was familiar like a song

And if she ever stalled
It was alright
Things would move along
The way it sailed really told the tale
At any price her heart was true
Though life’s not the same
Of my car I will proclaim
My slant six memories
The long lost keys of youth untamed.

Copyright 2009 Warren Baker

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