Sunday, November 8, 2009

Odd Fellow

(to the song Yellow)

There was a man
Two thousand years ago
He was a man of woe
He was an odd fellow.

He came along
To right a wrong for you
His destiny to do
More than an old fellow

A kind heart that burned
A soul that played his role.
Who was this odd fellow?

His plans
Oh yeah his plans were set
Long before the earth began to cool
Love known before our history
You should know his story.

Such misery
And pain we know today
We search for those to blame
Even on this odd fellow

We’re kids that play
Wanting to have our way
Choosing to look away
From this odd fellow

A heart that beats and loves
Broken and then he made it whole
Now he is here and waiting in the sky
Yes, he offers you the sky.

He’s true
Look how he lived for you
Look how he died for you
Look how he rose for you
Look how he waits for you
Look how he waits
Look how he waits, he longs to shine on you.
©2009 Warren Baker

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