Sunday, November 15, 2009


(to the song Rio)

Driving down the road at night,
He's skillfull and precise
Checking out the houses,
And then turning off his lights
With a glance to the left and a look to the right,
He's the man they all detest
He's just there on business,
No offense, you're repossessed.

His game is repo,
And he's working for the man
When payments dry up,
He will come to take your van.
If you get angry,
Just calm down and understand.
Oh repo, repo makes you change your travel plans.

No one is out of reach,
Yes, you've seen this on TV
Four hundred million cars
From sea to shining sea
When times get tough, and the jobs are few
This line of expertise
Could be right for you

The game is repo,
You'd be working for the man
It's economics,
A new 401K plan.
If you're not working,
You could call your congressman.
Or you could repo, and then meet market demand.

Hey, that car's looking fat
See it sashay through your town
You begin to devise a repo disguise
This will be your demise, demise, demise
You took the chance
Illegal enterprise
A dumb thing
The blue lights are blinking
What were you thinking?
The handcuffs are clinking.

It's grand theft auto,
Now you're busted by the man
You tried to repo
And then kept the bank's sedan
The policeman smiles
Tossing you into the can
Illegal repo breaks the laws of our great land

Your cellmate's Clio
He's a muscle mass of man
He will protect you
Let him make you his Roxanne
Oh repo, repo would have been a better plan
Instead your doing time and selling contraband.
©2009 Warren Baker

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