Saturday, August 29, 2009

The King of Siam

(to Jack and Diane)

Little ditty, about the King of Siam
A hard headed man trying to impress his English friend
The singin’ king rules with an iron hand.
Anna’s gonna teach his son the best that she can.

She’s hangin’ with the kids and teachin’ ‘em some tunes
Ole King’s wearin’ pants that look a lot like balloons
King says, "Hey, Anna, bow down to the King of the Siamese."
Anna says "You bald headed brute, watch those manners, if you please."

Say uh, oh yeah pride goes on
Before the remnants of a culture are gone.
Say uh, oh yeah pride goes on
Then we see the assimilation is done.
The west won.

The King and his guests watch a play in the palace
Uncle Tom in the orient talkin’ about the plight of a slave
Things don’t go well, and the players begin to start ragin’
Anna says "I’m not real proud, King, of the way you behave."

And you can say uh,
Oh yeah, it’s no fun
When a King realizes what his kingdom has done
Oh yeah, he’s come undone
We he sees that his life’s love is willful and strong.

Let ‘em dance, let ‘em sing.
Let our hard headed king go and do his thing
Hold on to Siam just as long as you can
Changes come around real soon, we’ll rename you Thailand.

Oh yeah, the King’s life is done
A baton is passed to the hands of his son
Oh yeah, Anna’s not so strong
When she see’s her life’s love has now moved on.

Little ditty about the King of Siam.
Two foreign kids livin’ in a foreign land.
©2009 Warren Baker

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