Thursday, June 11, 2015

Faith is This

(to More Than This by Roxy Music)
A personal favorite from Roxy Music. The original is a lament that there's no afterlife ("More than this, you know there's nothing..."). My faith gives me a different answer. So here's my answer to the original lyric.

If eyes see, we are fine
It’s our own way of growing
Touching brings more to light
There’s no strain in our knowing

What’s seen is a friend
Tangibly learning
But unseen turns the tide
There’s hope, I’m affirming

Faith is this
I know there is something
Faith is this
More than one scene
Faith is this
There is something

Life is short, just a while
Less is known where we’re going
Deep in soil, dark as night
We all pray for some knowing

We cling to the world
We seek the certain
There’s a sweet by and by
Much more past the curtain

Faith is this
My hope, there is something
Faith is this
Dark has lost sting
Faith is this
Yes, there is something.

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