Friday, March 27, 2015

Delayed Again, Naturally

(to Gilbert O'Sullivan's 'Alone Again, Naturally')

It’s a little late this hour
And I sit feeling just a tad dour
I’m telling myself
It’s fine, dear self
At least I got laptop power

My trav’lin’s come to stop
I hear the gate talk
“We are sorry to
Now report to you
That your scheduled plane
Has not landed”

For ‘nother flight I search
For a berth
But they’re all saying
“Oh well, that’s tough
You’re out of luck.
No seats on board remaining.”
I’ll wait to fly on home
Guess I’ll charge up my phone

Delayed again, naturally

I think that I’ll be on my way
Maybe April, could me May
Saw fam’ly who
Look somber too
The kids are all too tired to play

Though the trip may knock me down
A lager beer brings me round
So I’ve parked my butt
Near the bar nuts
And there ain’t no cashew pieces

Maybe I should pout
But I doubt
Look brings me mercy
So I’ll just slowly take a sip
Order ham and turkey
Take an hour to feed
I’ll buy a book to read

Delayed again, naturally

It seems to me
I’m spending more time
Waiting at a gate
That’s unattended
A trip upended
Not leaving soon
Not leaving soon

Delayed again, naturally

I’m thinking
While watching the time
It’s a nuisance
But I’ll survive
I remember my life
And my lovely wife
And I’m dreaming when I’ll arrive

Now it’s fifty-eight past nine
I should’ve been gone by five
But I understand
Flight is gonna land
I’ll be boarding soon
No need hatin’

Sit here by the gate
And it’s late
I could be mopin’
But no, a song appears to me
Some words for this here postin’
My hands now type away
The rhymes you read today

Delayed again, naturally
Delayed again, naturally

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