Tuesday, July 23, 2013

God Save Pre-King

(to traditional "God Save the Queen")

Birthed child now future king
He’s such a tiny thing
To him we sing
Hope he won’t off our heads
Cry lots, or wet the bed
Hope they won’t name him Ted
Or name him Dean

Hope he has Katie’s eyes
Smile like Will’s highly prized
No ears like Charles
Royals have bred again
Gene pool, though, mighty thin
Re-sults are just prelim
Hope he’s not mean

Grow in your regal home
Pre-pare for regal throne
Take naps at four
Don’t rule like Genghis Khan
Least while you’ve diapers on
Don’t be no demon spawn
Or grow sharp horns

Keep royal profile low
Or paparazzi pro
Will print your deed
Stay clear of tramps, my friend
Don’t show your kingly end
Keep features neat and trim
And don’t smoke weed.

Smart merchants stock their stores
Trinkets to sell to hordes
Things with your name
Boost to economy
Here starts your odyssey
Your life on BBC
God save pre-king.

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