Monday, July 30, 2012

Saturday Morning

The lawn had just got cutted
Then the rain began to fall
And the weeds that needed pullin'
They'll keep growin' big and tall

So I sit here with my puppy
In a chair, my butt did plop
Writin' pretty silly verses
Waitin' for the rain to stop

And the puppy, she keeps snorin'
Cos' the rain, it scares her not
For the house is air conditioned
So she never gets real hot

I just called to get prescriptions
And the lady she was kind
She said maybe twenty minutes
I just told her I don't mind

Is it stomach I hear growling
Or the thunder from outside?
Either way, I feel real hungry
Need a burger, something fried

So from chair, I'll now be leavin'
For some meds and for some chow
Get some meds that help with healin'
Then nutrition, via cow.

So I'll sign off for the moment
Wishing day will do you well
I'll be back again some other time
Right now, I've things to quell.

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