Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mom's Callin'

(to Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'")

Mom’s Callin’

I’m a good boy
Love my mama
Between us
Have a bonding like glue
It’s a small world
Runnin’ our motel
We’re closest
When the guests roll through

It’s a good life
Workin’ in the country
Near a freeway
Listen to the cars
And on a good day
When I can’t hear a thing stir
There’s a sweet voice
Come tweakin’ my heart

And I’ll hear
Mom callin’
Yes, I’ll hear
Mom callin’

Heard the car tires
Roll into the drive way
That sweet gal
She traveled from afar
And when she checked in
My heart was like a turbo
And my thoughts swirled
Felt cold, a little dark

And I heard
Mom callin’
And I heard
Mom callin’

She’s fallin’
Saw her go
She’s fallin’

My life is calm now
Here among padding
And though the world’s blurred
She’s on my mind
So when the day’s cold
I’ll find the deep end
Gotta be my
Mom for awhile

Now I’m me
Mom’s callin’
Yeah, I’m free
Mom’s callin’

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