Monday, May 21, 2012

Blue Danube

(to Linda Ronstadt's "Blue Bayou")

I danced so bad,
I’m not a rhythmic guy
All the women 
Passed me by
Arthur Murray 
Never replied
Pre Blue Danube

Bored and drifting
After nine
Saw a film on 
Channel five
Kubrick movie, 
A fortunate find
Heard Blue Danube

This music lit my flame
Danced untamed
To Blue Danube

Where I waltzed divine
Knew the floor was mine
Through Blue Danube

All the perfect notes
Sent my heels afloat
Herr Strauss gave me

So delighted was I
My feet did fly
Was hoofin’ with ease

Never dreamed my 
Dance would transcend
Hope, I thought, had 
Come to an end
Now the girls say 
“Dance with me friend
To Blue Danube.”

Don’t do cha cha, 
Don’t do tap
No flamenco
Chafes my aft
Disco, hustle, 
Or seventies’ crap
Just Blue Danube.

I love to waltz all day
Kubrick plays
My Blue Danube

Where the ships’ll fly
To the music’s time
Of Blue Danube

It’s not idle boast
That from coast to coast
My waltz is best you’ll see

That melodious guide
Yields sweetest tide
Makes happy my feet

When was younger guy
I’d deride
Those classic tunes
Seemed a waste of time

When waltz now plays
Legs’ll shake malaise
And stars will align

Now I’m happy I viewed
That night on tube
My Blue Danube

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