Tuesday, April 24, 2012


(to Barry Manilow's "Mandy")

Body sunning in the bright
Hairs are floating through the light
She’s dander on demand
A plop by the window
Yowling in the night
And slides right into

It strokes a puff of gray
Paws will bat at smallest prey
Mischief in her eyes
Stealth with a symmetry
This package of surprise
So happy when snoozing,

My tabby
When she’s hungry,
My sleep she will shatter
Think she likes it her way
My tabby
And she jumps up
And lands on my bladder
“Will you feed me today?”
My tabby

When playing, she’s the best of times
Cutest thing in world of mine
Moments she is sweet
A fur ball sighing
Then tears are in my eyes
When talons are knifing

My tabby
I’m to blame
When her boxes need cleaning
Or on laundry she’ll spray
My tabby
And I’ll chide her
Yet find her redeeming
When purrs shake off the day
My tabby

Yesterday I screamed
When she peed in hallway
Warming now to me
Her flaws go foggy

My tabby
She’s my dame
And she gives while she’s taking
And she’s staring my way
My tabby
As I watch you
And guess what you’re thinking
Think I’ll never explain
My tabby

(in honor and remembrance of Queenie Big Girl Miss Thang Baker 1997-2010)

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