Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fava Beans

(to "All of Me")

Fava beans
Come taste my fava beans
Lovely green
They're no good without you

Heart it skips
I long to taste them
Fresh from farm
I love to serve them

Come nearby
Spoon some and mouth will cry
You will die
For a bowl, a chew coup

Few things'll top
Your heart, it will stop
For my pot
My lot, my fava beans

Long to feed
Succulent fava beans
Care to drink
Chianti with new food?

Past your lips
Red wine and bean blend
What's the harm?
Warm pair will transcend.

My, oh, my
Methinks I’m one thing shy
Lucky guy
Dinner role invites you

I need the part
Your liv-er, not heart
So don’t balk
Knife might make subtle sting.

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