Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rejected Plot Lines from Star Trek

The Search for Khan 

The landing party moved through the alien complex, their phasers at the ready.

“Over here,” Sulu whispered as he pointed at an open doorway.

Kirk, Spock, and Scotty met Sulu at the door. As they looked inside, Spock lifted an eyebrow. It was a tiny apartment filled with paintings, sculptures, and several charcoal renderings. They had one thing in common. Kahn. Portraits of Kahn. Sculptures of Kahn. Several nude studies of Kahn. Scotty appeared embarrassed. Spock seemed curious. Kirk felt suddenly inadequate.

“We’ve traveled across the galaxy in search of a thief. Not only is he a confidence man who has stolen priceless treasures from many worlds, but he is apparently,” Kirk said as he strategically placed a napkin over one of the nude studies, “an artist.”

“Yes, captain,” Spock said. “Our fugitive appears to be a Kahn artist.”

Over the Wall 

“Commander Riker is being held hostage just beyond that wall,” Worf said. “If only I could scale the wall, but I have a fear of heights.”

“Really, Mr. Worf,” Picard said. “I guess I’m the candidate then. You and Geordi can lift me up and over the wall. I have done a bit of climbing in my day.”

“But we must time it correctly,” Worf said. “The guards come by every 10 minutes, so we must act with precision.”

“Right,” Picard said. “I’ll rely on you to get that timing straight, so just tell me when you’re ready.”

They stood quietly waiting for the guards to pass. And just as Worf predicted, they heard several men chattering on the other side of the wall. Moments passed, and the voices faded. Worf looked at Geordi and Picard. Picard climbed on their shoulders.

“Okay everyone,” Worf said. “Hoist the Picard!”

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