Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mom Mobster

(to the B-52's "Rock Lobster")

Loved her fam’ly heaps
Did her shopping chores after hours
She always looked out for a cop
For meals she’d plot a lot
Had picks for a lock
She’s a mom mobster

Mom mobster
Mom mobster

Mom mo-o-obster
Mom mo-o-obster

Chokin’ and garrotin’
Our laws she broke
Cops befuddled
Girl was subtle
She would make a jam
While planning giant scam!

Mom, mom
Mom mobster!

Go mom

Baked scaloppini
Cleaned and washed floors
Busy little mommy
Handy with a Tommy.

Lady never tired, lovin’ mom
Takin’ dineros
Just for fun

Chomped on her cee-gar
Blew up police car
Lass was cunning mother

She makes a soufflé
(so hot, so hot)
She drives a getaway
(screech screech screech)
She knows a blanket stitch
Knew how to bait/switch
She hated blab snitch
(tattle rat a rat a rat)
Did all the veg choppin'
(ch ch ch ch)
Long walks with her chihuahua
(yippy yippy yahoo)
She packed a pistol
Thus ends an unseemly tale

Mom mobster
Mom mobster
Mob momster
Mob momster….

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