Wednesday, June 22, 2011


(to Bob Seger's "Night Moves")

I have a box of old songs
Vinyl fortified sounds
Hip rock rants
Helped the morale
They were the black grooved Frisbees,
Details divine
With notes I could read,
Lyrics stashed inside
Held my breath and sighed

My precious albums
Are now old and faded
Just don’t have the need
With my discs upgraded
Purchase the MP3’s
Without any grooves

Purchased ‘em on iTunes
Thinkin’ bout my lost art sleeve so huge
Bought ‘em all on iTunes

In another time
What a sweet ‘nother time

My needle loved
Would go, flow through it
Pops, loud scratches
Were a sign of the times tunage
I would rush home
And listen, reward
Never really bored

And sweet stereo,
Speakers maxed, we knew
Heard the boom-boom, then finale
Saw the floorboards move

I bought songs
Songs brought me
All freedom, no cares
I was dancin’ upstairs

Now they’re all on iTunes
Tryin’ to fuse with past tense teenage moods
Tryin’ on the iTunes

And it’s now present time

A goal of techno
I start the typing

And I’m searching for a number
Searching for a number

I suppose those flights harbor man once younger
Box I’ve got, once way to wander
Started whistlin’ a song from 1982
Something funny ‘bout the iTunes
When your hand can’t feel the sleeve, a touch removed
Lost now on iTunes
A moment sought again.

My tunes…

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