Friday, May 20, 2011


(to Radiohead's "Creep")

When feet’ll hit the floor
And the goop is in my eye
I walk at an angle
The hour makes me cry
So what is the weather?
In a pitiful state.
Today’s nothing special
I want horizontal.

Yeah, I want sleep
I want eyes closed
“Tell me where’s the cereal, dear?
Where is the milk, dear?”

I am conscious in spurts
I know I’ve lost control
My narcoleptic body
Its narcoleptic goal
I hate to go through this
I think with a frown
Want a diff’rent schedule
So can I reschedule?

So I can sleep
Slumber repo
Where did I put my comfy chair?
I wanna sleep there

Beans running out again
Beans running out
Gone gone gone

I wanna have a nappy
Whenever I want
Sleep is something special
I wanna say farewell

But I can’t sleep
Mind went turbo
Coffee’s finally kickin’ here
Something that I fear
I start to see clear.

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