Friday, May 13, 2011

Rejected Plot Lines from Friday the 13th

Rejected #1- Weird Science

“Bob, I know you’re a brilliant man.”

That’s how it always begins, Bob thought. Old man Weber throwing out a complement, and then following it with something not very complementary.

“You’ve been working on Project Campground for two years, and we’ve seen very little in the way of results,” Weber said. “But I know you’re a brilliant man.”

Bob sank a little in his chair. He did know of one redeeming feature, but Weber didn’t like it.

“Your formula, though remarkable, is not very useful to us,” Weber growled. “C’mon!” Weber’s fat hand slapped the table. Bob jumped.

“Who’s going to a need a formula that turns a docile person into a homicidal hockey player who hates sexually active teenagers,” said Weber.

“Well,” Bob finally said, “if you put it that way, it does sound kind of weird.”

“Weird? Weeeeeeiiirrrrrd?” Weber’s face was red. “It’s insane. And we’ve given you too much money.”

Bob felt a darkness come over him.

“I’m terminating the project,” Weber said softly. “And I’m terminating you. I’m sorry Bob. I know you’re a brilliant man.”

Bob became angry and despondent. Weber’s and Bob’s families were close. Their kids were close. And now there was a serious wedge that threatened the balance. What to do. What to do.

And how would he tell his son Jason that he couldn’t visit the Webers anymore? The kid would be heartbroken, he thought. Just heartbroken.

Rejected #2- The Forest

She stood there, her feet glued to the charred ground that was once her home. Trees looked like tall black needles, and the vegetation that had covered the forest floor was now no more. Bushes, twigs, leaves, grass. All gone. Friends? All gone.

She sniffed as the sadness moved from the pit of her stomach to a place in her throat. All of her friends were gone including that annoying rabbit, but she missed him all the same. And her mom. Mom said she was always going to be there for her, but mom was no more.

There was no one.

The anger and sobs came at once, and the flashback to the strange masked man who carelessly tossed a match on some dry thatch. Or was it intentional? Her anger clouded her once optimistic mind. The man in the mask had to go.

She raised a hoof and started walking. She knew the campground very well, and it was only a few minute’s trot. She wanted a gun. A knife. Any weapon would be appropriate, she thought. But her lack of opposable thumbs made wielding a weapon difficult. She had to find a better way.

Violence enveloped her, and her duty became clear. From now on, she thought, if you take from Bambi, Bambi will take from you.

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