Sunday, April 17, 2011

I am the Jurist

(to the Beatles' "I am the Walrus")

Author's note: This song may have more than one meaning.

Bailiff reads,
Attorneys breeze,
And I’m so pleased
As we all judge offender

Exhale the lungs
I wish we were done
Seems thugly guy
I’m trying

Looking at a late break
Feeling just a bit ho-hum
Lawyer like a preacher
Modus operandi
“Hallelujah, make a choice,
Come on, correct this wrong.

He is a bad man
A really bad man.
You are the jurist!”

No acquitting
Release not fitting
Devlish, dirty defendant is a schmoe
Mean, rotten guy
I’m hoping that he’ll fry.
What lousy bum
Bad timing, bad timing
Bad timing, bad timing

Slowly getting flustered
Jury might acquit this guy
Then I take a hard line
“Send him to the big house
He’s another rotten perp
I think the case is sound

He is the bad man
He is the bad man
We are the jurists!”

Jury’s out,
Our reasons harden,
Radiator hums
When the voting comes,
Convicts the man
I’m cheerful with the verdict’s aim

He is the bad man
Now very sad man
I am the jurist.

Snappy clapping,
Fam’lies happy
Judge, he thanks our scrappy little crew
End of the trial,
My face has a smile
Loose end is tied
I’m sighing

End of my adventure
Happy to have had the power
Unsuspecting people
Trusting in a juror
Now I’ve got my freedom
Crazy how the karma flows
He’s not the bad man
I am the bad man
I was the jurist.

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