Tuesday, October 19, 2010

If You Can Spit

(to If This Is It by Huey Lewis and the News)

I’ve been moaning
At night I’m groaning
I felt the day comin’, can’t postpone
I stopped my feeding
The gums were bleeding
A tender tooth felt oh so wrong

Painful plight
Want to find some healing
Sun so bright
No dental after dawn
Fix my bite
No feasting for this reason
Doc will exclaim
His simple refrain:

“If you can spit
Just let it go
If you got phlegm
You’d better swish to-fro
Yes, you can spit
Now don’t withhold the flow
If you’ve got flood, ready?.. just let go.

Said the dentist
“Before I do this
I won’t drill till I’ve cash tonight.”
He felt unfriendly
I needed mending
I said, “Maybe we can avoid this plight.

Don’t be snide
Don’t taunt me or aggrieve me.
Let me slide
Or see the great beyond.
Make teeth alright
Heed me now my brother
Or fangs will flash
I’ll tap into your veins.

If you were bit
Bright blood will flow
If teeth ain’t fixed, I’m gonna get real sore
Don’t make me nip
So just forgo the dough
Just clean and buff, fix my pain plateau."

And he did fix
My pain did go
And teeth bite fine, I feel a feast in store
Teeth now can grip
The red will flow for sho'
My wine so fine, bloody fine bordeaux.

Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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