Wednesday, September 29, 2010

When Brains Are In Season

(to the Zombies Time of the Season)

When the brains
Are in season
I’m a hungry guy
Pickled lobes
Cerebellum quiches
And then I’ll fry
Up tasty glands

And if I had a mind to
Nibble hands
Till thoughtful treat has come
For when brains are in season
I’m frothing

I obtained
(what’s his name)
Maybe Danny
(spicy laddie this dish)
Quite a dish he be.

His medulla
(in a stew-a)
Mighty fine
(squeeze of lime cook slow)
Cook slow then add his rack of ribs.

Really I’m not pro meat
I can’t stop
A zombie thing you know
When the brains are in season
I’m gobbling

Frightened dame
(I attained)
Maybe nanny
(or a granny I swear)
A delicious treat

Salt is shaken
(add some bacon)
In a brine
(mighty fine then throw)
Then throw on “Kiss the Zombie” bib

You may think I’m lowly
That’s just rot
My diet’s apropros
When the brains are in season
I’m noshing.

Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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