Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Number Two

(to the Carpenters' Close to You)

When do birds
Suddenly appear
When the sky’s blue and clear?
My car’s clean
They want to bring
Number two.

In my car
I go for a ride
They don’t miss, a bullseye
Full they be
They want release
Number two.

When I washed and waxed my Ford
Some robins got together
And alighted to a branch within my view

Then they launched their wings into the air
The goal of dropping packages of poo

They will find
All the bugs in town
Swallow them, fly around
Cars they seek
Missiles of stink
Number two

On the day they soiled my Ford
I got my wits together
And derided all the things that birds will do

So I stomped my way on up the stairs
And found a way to bid the birds adieu

Now that’s why
When you’re here in town
See the birds falling down
When near me
Buckshot will be
Number two.

Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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