Friday, June 18, 2010

Sean the Diddy, He's the Groove Ditty Dude

(to Manfred Mann's Do Wah Diddy)

When he rocks,
He’s rockin’ urbanly
He is Sean the Diddy, he’s the groove ditty dude
Rappin’ his rhythms
So suave and so chic
He is wicked witty, he’s the groove ditty dude.

So ice cool
(ice cool)
He looks rad
(looks rad)
So ice cool
He looks rad
He was Puffy for a tad

The fame, he grew it,
He’s no dreamer, no not he
He’s no Walter Mitty, busts a groove ditty tune
Guiding a band,
He’s producing an LP
He is more than jiggy, busts a groove ditty tune

With mic on
(mic on)
The dance floor
(dance floor)
With mic on, the dance floor
See him sweat from Diddy pores

Yo yo yo

No use for a glittery glove
And knows it’s not the type of fan base he’s been thinking of

He’s put together
Fashion, style are on display
Looking hip and trippy, wear what P. Diddy do
Has a fragrance,
And you’ll smell it right away
Smelling hip and trippy, sniff what P. Diddy do

Who’s the ditty daddy? Groove Diddy dude.
Who’s the ditty daddy? Groove Diddy dude.

Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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