Monday, December 14, 2009

New Rhyme Combination

(to My Generation)

When I try to write stuff d-d-down (seeking out my inspiration)
Look for words with the same s-s-sounds (it takes all my concentration)
I propose to break the m-m-mold (here’s a twist on rhyme creation)
Help me make this tune unf-f-fold (and there is no obligation)

This is my invitation
Here is more information, baby

Come on now, let’s st-st-start today (listen to this explanation)
And make the first sound of the l-l-long ‘a’ (like the ‘a’ in ‘medication’)
Move your lips to make the next sound v-v-vibration (second syllable location)
Make the ‘shun’ sound like in ‘p-p-punctuation’ ( ‘a’ and ‘shun’ in combination)

That was your preparation.
Here’s your rhyme dispensation, baby

Pip succumbs to s-s-social sway (Dickens wrote Great ___________ ) (1)
I wrote about this the other d-d-day (Christmas lights are ________ ) (2)
Too much of this limits art-t-ticulation (Drink some wine, a fine ________ ) (3)
Then travel on to a cool l-l-location (Griswolds had a wild __________ ) (4)

Want some more situations?
More word associations, baby?

What’s the coolest trick in t-t-town (See Criss Angel’s _________ ) (5)
Give to things you find prof-f-found (Tax deductible _________ ) (6)
Sci-fi’s trilogy of o-o-old (Isaac Asimov’s _________ ) (7)
INX’s tune of g-g-gold (Talking bout their new __________ ) (8)

Those are my meditations.
Hope it met expectations, baby.

Copyright 2009 Warren Baker

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