Sunday, December 13, 2009

Never been to Sears

(To Never Been to Spain)

Well I never been to Sears.
But I kinda like their prices.
Say the salesmen all complain there
Though my friends say they’re the nicest
They don’t have mices
Gonna have low prices
Do they have spices?

Well I never been to Macy’s
But I kinda like their parades
Well, I heard they have nice watches
But I’ve yet to see their displays.
Might explore it
Might not afford it
Guess I might
Get time tonight.

Well I never been to Wal Mart
But I tried Williams-Sonoma
Well I know they have great cookware
They had sales back in September.
A nice aroma,
Heard "My Sharona"
I bought cake batter
It made me fatter.

Well I never been to Kohl’s
But I kinda like their fabric
Say my momma always goes there
Course she is a shopaholic
Though she might look frail
Gonna buy it on sale
She won’t buy retail

Well I never been to Staples
But I’ve been to Office Depot
Well I bought my printer from there
They’re, by far, my favorite vendor
The boss is named Joe,
They tell me hello
I don’t use credit
It’s always debit.

Copyright 2009 Warren Baker

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