Thursday, December 10, 2009

Laparoscopic Man

(to Secret Agent Man)

Here’s the man who minimizes danger
A surgical technique that’s a game changer
Diminishing mistakes, a camera slowly snakes
Navigates inside the straight and narrow

Laparoscopic man
Laparoscopic man
You’ve made a slight incision
And you’ve minimized the pain

His methods are poetic and refined
Skillful hands controlled by a skillful mind
With your less invasive ways
The insurance always pays
Patients always live to see tomorrow

Laparoscopic man
Laparoscopic man
You’ve made the right decision
By avoiding major veins

Appendectomies you do on one day
A hernia repair on the very next day
So don’t let your magic wand slip
And be careful where you snip
Don’t let Rob wake up as Robin tomorrow.

Laparoscopic man
Laparoscopic man
You’re healing with precision
To cure illness, your domain.

Copyright 2009 Warren Baker

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