Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Goin' to Ursa Minor

(to Carolina in My Mind)

I’m inclined to go to Ursa Minor
Never see the sunshine
I’m gonna have a great time
Open the valve on my air line
And things will turn out fine
Yes, it’s off to Ursa Minor to unwind

Ursa has a distant sun
So far away you won’t see it shinin’
Stumblin’ in the dark is fun
A shooting star appearing now
It’s blinded both eyes
Here in Ursa Minor to unwind.

I thought I’d read in the brochures
That Ursa was worth leavin’ town
Lovely lakes and crystal shores
What I see is very dry
No water spy I
Where on Ursa Minor to unwind?

Was inclined to go to Ursa Minor
Now I miss the sunshine
Now I’m not feelin’ so fine
I’m looking for an outside line
I fear I’ve not much time.
Why’d I go to Ursa Minor to unwind?

Want a priest to read last rites
Before I walk into the light that’s calling
The last flight just left tonight
The air supply, I fear, ain’t flowin’, not flowin’
I’m here on Ursa Minor till I die.

Those stars, just like fireflies, are dancing round me
My short life is snuffed out all too soon
I prepare myself to go into forever
What is it I see?
They’ve flown back to Ursa Minor just in time.

Don’t lose your mind and go to Ursa Minor
You will miss the sunshine
You will miss all of mankind
There’s nothing there for you to find
No decent place to dine
Yes, that Ursa Minor is a waste of time.

My time on Ursa Minor was unkind
I’ll send my travel agent to unwind
Off to Ursa Minor to spend time

Wrong, so wrong, so wrong

Maybe they’ll refund me.
Cash back is in doubt.
Better place without me
There’s the dawn...
Copyright 2009 Warren Baker

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