Tuesday, November 17, 2009


(to the tune Bicycle Race)

Partisan partisan partisan
Why must we be so partisan, partisan, partisan?

Why must we be so partisan
With people we don’t like?
Why must we be so partisan?
Must everything be left or right?

You say tax, I say debt
You say facts, I say nyet
You say crap,
I say hey man
Mean was never my scene
And I don’t like pundits

You say rich, I say poor
You say health, show me the door
You say wealth, I say what?
The parties they don’t have a plan
Dems or the Republicans.
Maybe we should just have

Anarchy anarchy anarchy
I’m sick of all this partisan partisan partisan

Let’s send home all these partisans
Tell them to take a hike.
How do we replace partisans?
Protect ourselves from

Partisan waves keep on pushing their ways
It could be halitosis you smell
They engage tongues without starting their brains
Don’t go buying what all they can sell.

The ear marks
The debt

Partisan waves
Partisan ways
Partisan pains.

Partisan partisan partisan
How did we get so partisan partisan partisan
Partisan partisan
Partisan ways

You say vote, I say why
You say truth, I say lie
You say stop, I say try
Lap dog, I say,
Save it man
Will they listen to a resident of America?
You say war, I say race
Hurry up, I say pace
Cover up, I say Gracious!
The self righteous are so full of it and
Myopic and dubious
Please grant me this one wish for

Harmony harmony harmony
I want to see some harmony harmony harmony
I’d like to see some harmony
At least once in my life
And when we find that harmony
We’ll loosen minds that once were tight.
©2009 Warren Baker

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