Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Feng Shui

(to Hey Jude)
Feng Shui
Don't move that there
Take that love seat, and swap with that chair.
You move inside of your house
Consult with your spouse
Will make your life better

Feng Shui
Use Roman shades
They were made to block out the weather
No limit
To how your karma will feel
When you conceal
That fabric called pleather

And if you ever get real bored,
Feng Shui
Once more.
Don't leave your dear domicile a-wanting
For well we know that life's a pool
Jump in,
It's cool.
Swim now, and forget your neighbor's taunting.

Feng Shui,
Keeps spirits high.
So toss that knick knack, you'll be alright Jack
There's never
A moment that you'll regret.
Enjoy your Malbec, and have some cheddar.

And if in doubt, just hire Yip.
Feng Shui
Is hip.
Don't find you a wall to strike your head with.
Now move that couch out of your way
Feng Shui
Your world knows no bounds, now reach its zenith.

Feng Shui
And don't delay
For the old stuff won't make you better
Go shopping, with credit cards and go spend
And when bills come in, just use your
Shredder, shredder shredder shredder shredder shredder,

Photo courtesy Photos8.com
©2009 Warren Baker (editorial help from Naomi Baker)

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