Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Velveteen Rabbit Inks Deal with Krafty

(K. Letterman News Agency)

Krafty Foods has reached an agreement with the family of Margery Williams to purchase the Velveteen Rabbit franchise and change the name of the main character to the Velveeta Rabbit.

“We’re most pleased to add another notch of wholesomeness to the beloved rabbit,” said Krafty spokesperson B. S. Bendy.

In a new, soon to be published edition of the children’s book, the rabbit will feature the new name plus have a new sidekick named Nablisco. The story will be fleshed out further when new books are published documenting the new adventures of the rabbit and the rabbit’s friend.

“We see a lot of potential in shaping the minds of today’s youngsters,” said Bendy. “We can see future adventures where both characters, while relaxing under a Capricious Sun, drink Koolant-Aid and take a trip down to Southern Beach. Endless possibilities.”

Cross promotional items will appear with Krafty food packaging. Krafty Macaroni and Cheese will feature rabbit prizes geared toward the youth market. A select few boxes will contain a Lucky Rabbit’s foot good for a $100 coupon off of select Krafty products.
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