Wednesday, July 4, 2012


(to ELO's "Telephone Line")

On no
Come on, now
No, it’s not alright
I’m done with boring, boring, boring, boring
Enough, I say
The scenes on silver screen
Have now impaired my frontal lobes

Broody children
Faces never change
Won’t you energize, a grin would win
Would win
But you’re unreal
I've a beef
I just can’t conceive
You’ve more sequels in the queue

Please stop
Truly, ooly stop
You’re long lame fangs
For dame
They fight
You flog
My brain

A wolf boy ambles by
(the hair he has, he needs a better doo)
And that other guy
(he lives on blood, he’s kinda pasty lude)

Squandered my time
They should be fined
Releasing new Twilight

Should’ve declined
Spending that time
And watching new Twilight

Oy vey!
In my eyes, agony
I found your dusk, twas to me a bit of snorer, snorer
I should let slide
But your visions spoil my nights
They infect like evil spores

So odd
Silly, really flawed
Need big sharp stake
Or cane
Or light
Big torch
With flame

The cash on ticket spent
(just like my mind, I sadly miss it too)
Makes me discontent
(the doc, he says that maybe I’ll pull through)

Please if inclined
To self be kind
Don’t witness this Twilight

Be more refined
Spend better time
With Potter, not Twilight.

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